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IMG_3461.JPGJustin Trevino, Pastor

A native of Las Cruces, Justin was born in 1985 to a loving Roman Catholic family. In 2003, at the age of 17, God was pleased, through a friend and classmate who shared the gospel with him, to pull him out of the bondage of sin, the emptiness of false religion, and the snare of seeking salvation by self-righteousness. Not only were his eyes opened to see the offensiveness of his sin and his deservingness of hell, he also saw the irresistible beauty and saving power of God's crucified and risen Son.

After his conversion to Christ, he joined a local church where he heard the Bible being taught by a faithful pastor and immediately acquired an insatiable desire to know and make known the saving truth that had set him free and led him to Christ. Between time spent at a California Bible College and the encouragement he received from several local pastors and churches to pursue the ministry, this desire matured into a longing to preach the Word and shepherd God's people. But being unsure of the calling and how to pursue this desire in a way that would result in long-term fruitfulness, Justin decided to relocate his family to San Antonio, Texas to submit and sit under the preaching ministry of Grace Community Church.

Upon contacting the church in 2012 to inform its leadership of the desire to move and join the church, the lead preaching pastor inquired of Justin’s background, his thoughts about ministry, and his current situation in Las Cruces. What was intended to be a conversation informing the pastor of the plan to relocate to San Antonio turned into a conversation about remaining in Las Cruces to plant a church with the help, mentorship, and support of the church in San Antonio.

After heeding the pastor’s counsel to pray and seek the will of God, it became clear to both Justin and his wife that they were to remain in Las Cruces and plant a church with the help and encouragement of the church in San Antonio. Grace Community Church in Las Cruces began in 2012 as they stepped out in faith, clinging to God’s faithfulness and His unrelenting passion to glorify His Son, while also relying on the power of His Spirit and the sufficiency of His Word to save and sanctify a people for Himself.

Justin is joyfully married to Lanae, and together they’ve been blessed with five incredible children. As a bivocational pastor, he also works full-time for Stellar Solutions as a Systems Engineering Technical Advisor on White Sands Missile Range. Justin continues to serve the people of Grace Community Church, considering it one of the most sobering and joyful privileges to preach, pray, and watch as God saves, sanctifies, shapes, and satisfies the souls of His people by His Word.

"Who is sufficient for these things?"
-2 Corinthians 2:16