Sunday Morning | 10:00 A.M.

The Gospel

The Gospel is the joyous declaration
   that God is redeeming the world through Christ
   and that He calls everyone everywhere
   to repent from sin and trust Jesus Christ for salvation.

Each of us has sinned against God,
reaking His law and rebelling against His rule,
   and the penalty for our sin is death and hell.

But because of His love, God sent His Son, Jesus,
o live, for His people’s sake,
   the perfect, obedient life God requires
   and to die on the cross, in our place, for our sin.

On the third day, Christ rose bodily from the grave
   and now reigns in heaven,
   offering forgiveness, righteousness, resurrection,
   and eternal blessedness in God’s presence
   to everyone who repents of sin
nd trusts solely in Him for salvation.