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The Word of the LORD

The Word of the LORD... converts souls (Psalm 19:7A), makes the simple wise (Psalm 19:7B), rejoicesourhearts (Psalm 19:8A), enlightens oureyes (Psalm 19:8B), upholds us when we're stumbling (Job 4:4), keeps our ways pure (Psalm 119:9), keeps us from sin (Psalm 119:11), revives us (Psalm 119:25), strengthens us (Psalm 119:28), is as a lamp to our feet and a light ...

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Salvation By Grace Alone?

GRACE ALONE, WORKS ALONE, OR GRACE WITH WORKS? What do we mean - or what should we mean - when we say that we are saved by grace and grace alone?We mean that none of our human efforts, works, intentions, resolutions, or strivings can ever put us in a right standing before a holy God.None of these things can justify us. We mean that we are saved - from beginning to end - b...

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Do True Believers Have Wicked Hearts?

THE MATTER OF THE HEART The reality about which I'll be writing is not something that I've always known and believed. It's with great sadness and grief that, for the first few years of my Christian life, my view of my own heart as one redeemed by Christ and regenerated by the Holy Spirit was erroneous, unhealthy, and worst of all, unbiblical. It was a view that was shaped...

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